CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder


CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder is the new thinking in calf rearing

The CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder optimises nutrition for each and every calf to produce better quality, more consistent herds, faster.

CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder can feed from 1-2000 calves the correct amount of feed, at the right temperature. And keep you in control 24/7.

Scientific studies have proven that optimal rearing in the first few weeks of the calf’s life, will lead to considerably higher weight gain & milk production. With CalfSMART this happens.

  • Reduced labour, time and costs
  • Monitor weight gain of each calf
  • Optimal nutrition for each and every calf
  • Natural, slower on-demand feeding allows all calves to feed naturally
  • Individual recipes for individual calves
  • In shed information on touch screen on any calf issues
  • Enables weaning by weight
  • Add value by recording all feed history of calves
  • Smart phone monitoring and control with cloud data storage

CalfSMART Automatic Milk Feeder and In Stall Meal Feeder

CalfSMART Data, via Computer, Tablet and Phone

CalfSMART CMR Hopper


Identify Calves

CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder can identify every single calf by its RFID ear tag and measures weight on entry to the unit. This data is used to optimise feed composition and quantity for each calf’s development

Set Feed

CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder delivers whole milk and CMR from central hoppers and adds additional nutrients at the unit. This means each calf receives the right blend and you don’t waste expensive nutrients in the milk lines.

Ruminant Development

CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder delivers milk at 38C to promote natural sucking behaviour. Plus you can set feed size to smaller, more natural portions through the day. This encourages good ruminant development and every calf gets its share of nutrition

Optimal Nutrition

CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder calves get a better start with optimal nutrition from the get go. You’ll reduce illness and raise consistently good calves without need for expert stock assessment

Better Herd

CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder calves put on condition faster, along with providing more natural feeding patterns so calves reach lactation earlier to create a better herd.

Easy Access Data

CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder sends information for all parameters to your smartphone or computer, so you’re in control with less effort.


The Central Controller manages the whole system, delivering the right blend of whole milk, CMR and nutrients to each calf.

The simple touchscreen means you can measure progress by herd, parts of the herd or by individual calf – daily, weekly or monthly.

All Milk consumed is recorded for each animal, this information is transmitted to the cloud using cellular technology and this in turn can be accessed by the farmer using a computer or a smartphone.

To find out more information about CalfSMART Automated Milk Feeder or arrange a demonstration on farm click on the link below or call us on 0800 444 001