SuperSMART Meal Feeder


SuperSMART Meal Feeder - Changing the way we feed our calves

The SuperSMART Meal Feeder is a standalone towable unit that can hold 500kgs of meal.
It is powered by solar power with the ability to also plug into mains power. Different models range from 2, 4 or 8 feed stations.

All meal consumed is recorded for each animal. Data is transmitted to the cloud using cellular technology and can be accessed by the farmer using a computer or a smartphone.

  • Ensuring maximum productivity for feed costs
  • Optimises nutrition for every calf
  • Dramatically reduce your calf meal bills
  • Removes competition for meal
  • Feeds up to 250 calves per unit
  • Ensures even growth rates between calves
  • Maximises rumen development
  • Fully mobile with solar power
  • Zero meal wastage
  • Monitoring and improving animal health
  • Identify and set customisable weaning goals
  • Smart phone monitoring and control with cloud data storage


Optimise Nutrition

SuperSMART Meal Feeder is the new thinking in calf rearing that optimises nutrition for each and every calf to produce better quality, more consistent herds, faster.

Identify Calves

SuperSMART Meal Feeder can identify every single calf by its RFID ear tag and dispense a predetermined amount of meal feed.

Set Feed

SuperSMART Meal Feeder can set feed size to smaller, more natural portions through the day, encouraging good ruminant development and every calf gets its share of nutrition.

Better Start

SuperSMART Meal Feeder calves get a better start with optimal nutrition from the get go. You’ll reduce illness and raise consistently good calves without need for expert stock assessment.

Natural Feeding Patterns

SuperSMART Meal Feeder calves put on condition faster, with more natural feeding patterns so they reach lactation earlier and create a better herd.

You're in Control

SuperSMART Meal Feeder sends information for all parameters to your smartphone or computer, so you’re in control with less effort.


SuperSMART Meal Feeders will be offered for the first season on a fully maintained lease option. The advantages to the farmer are:

  • No large investment on equipment that could be upgraded in a year’s time
  • The cost of the lease is 100% tax deductible
  • Equipment fully maintained and serviced
  • Lease period is for a year, so in the unlikely event a SuperSMART Meal Feeder does not live up to your expectations, you can return it at the end of your lease period

To find out more information about SuperSMART Meal Feeder or arrange a demonstration on farm, click on the link below or call us on 0800 444 001